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Litigation - Copy, Print & Scan
Light Litigation indicates large stapled, rubber-banded, and clipped sections (an average of 51-100 pages). Also included in this category is auto feed work that is all double sided.
Medium Litigation indicates primarily stapled and clipped sections (average 11-50 pages), including copying of file folders and folder tabs. These projects require more handling & care to maintain organization.
Heavy Litigation includes heavily stapled and clipped sections (average 10 or fewer pages), such as correspondence files, documents with mixed paper sizes or copying from "tagged" work.
Glass Work indicates that 50% or more of the documents have to be hand placed on the glass. These are commonly checks, small register receipts, invoices & onionskin documents.
Multi Placement Glass Work Glass Work with multiple piece placement for a single image.
Scanning: We are able create pdf documents from paper originals. The cost for this is similar to the litigation copy rate but also includes minimal file setup charges. Please contact us for details.

Wide Format Documents
We can print & scan documents larger than 12"x18". These are great for posters, displays & signage.
Prints: We can create prints as large as 42"x120" in monochrome or color. Basic black prints are limited to 36" x 120". PDF documents are preferred for electronic files. Just email us your files with instructions for printing. Volume discounts may apply. Please contact us for details on pricing.
Scans: We can create scans up to 36"x120" in black, greyscale or color. Final documents can be in TIFF or PDF formats. Please let us know the file name(s) you would like used for your documents.
Large scans create large files. Most large scans need a portable storage device for transport. We offer CD/DVD creation, but encourage you to bring a USB memory device to save on your cost.
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